Influenzace r viery goud foor yoo.  Mebe…

by Joshua Coffman

    Influenza is sweeping the country.

This time around it will make good or make bad.

    Be sure, very sure friend, you are not a minority 

When it comes time, do take your dose with a stand.

    You see, influenza has no prepared cure

You’re vulnerable as a newly born calf.

    The standard is down below, way below pure.

Your chances of making it are not even half.

    No cure? You ask. It’s hopeless of course;

Unless you get the good kind, this, of course is superior.

    ‘Cause then your immune to that horrible curse

In the light of the good stuff the bad stuff’s inferior.

    Don’t forget that the good kind only lasts for a while

Once it’s gone you’re, of course, more likely to die.

    Your bones will all gather into a big pile.

Like one big piece of stepped on and crushed apple pie.

    So keep with the good ones,

And flee from the bad ones,

    Decide that you’ll makeup your mind for a while

And I’ll leave you now without making more puns.

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