Imagination Station


photo from Pexels by artist Antoni Shkraba

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a poem by Joshua Brown

Imagination from decades past

Holy Spirit startled sinner last

Into a breath of boredom conspire

A human at last caught on fire

Alive to the Word, a man alive

Not a God, but Child wields knife

Cutting the hands of mother and pa

Spanking their butts for breaking the law

Imagination from childlike mind

Not this muted, slavelike grind

Denial of flesh created by God

Sin against self, a personal fraud

Laugh at erasure of human complete

Ho! To the beautiful Christ-Child sweet

Look at this fellow consumed with self

No certification of religiousy wealth

Imagination in English and Greek

Consuming the Jew with identity weak

Starting from childhood spankings loud

Fading in murder of Jesus and Proud

Let the little children come unto me

You'll know the truth, it'll make free

Free to know the childhood Way

If allow you will, they will Obey.

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Thanks for reading "Imagination Station" it was written during the service at Messiah Baptist Church in Denver, Colorado on December 7, 2022 (my birthday) Check out my last poem "Mass" which is also about church and its modern confusion on the concept of sin.

Comment below: do you enjoy the service or do you suffer through it? Or have you stopped going all together? Let me know, I'd love to know where you are on this topic!