Hotel Abortions

photo from Pexels by artist Adrienne

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a poem by Joshua Brown

Hotel abortions made reckless

Fucking on the balcony rawless

Empathy for only a demon lust

My light's life and steel of rust

Pray for me Holy Paul of Tars'

Pray for me in this racing cars

As I flee my sins punishment

A pedophile tells resentment

You have the power so sexual

Violence creeps ever so gradual

Allowed to hit her with spoons

Allowed to hit without wounds

Keep fucking that empty vessel

Barely did she let flip her tassel

Before you stole her only gift

And cared not to thrust into rift

For time is a bitch and joins not

With this premeditative thot

Laughing at the workers of sin

Emaciated strippers cast thin

Keep this token called "Father"

She called you "Daddy" rather

A childhood mind fuck complete

With roleplay spanking replete

I  cared in that moment for life

But the next I enjoined strife

A choice made and made again

Who? Why? Where? What? When?

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Thanks for reading my poetry! I hope you enjoyed it, even as dark as it sometimes gets. This particular poem was written in the Peoria Station parking lot in Aurora, Colorado on December 5, 2022. Check out my last haiku: "This Genus Drinks Water" which was a reflection on Noah's Flood. 

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