a poem by Joshua Brown

I woke to sweet elation, a kiss upon my cheek

Sunlight pouring in the chains, a melody of tweets,

Enclothed with dancing light, I looked up at my love

So tender was the smile I saw, her soul so full of sweets.


She was a mortal human, and I a heavenly soul

But touched in kindness, deep regard, I fast abode

Dark enchanted hair from deep enchanted forest

But brave in dangerous ways, white horse she rode.


It was not empty vanity from day to day she spoke

But quiet, obstinate, patient in her plan to rule her home

Heaven was a quiet place but full of words and charm

And heaven was real.


I could not find my token, a holy piece from hell,

The search I commenced, the places I looked I cannot tell

Try as I did, and overturned the heaven that I had

My heaven that I had.


My love returned and sought, my face I hid in shame

For heaven was just a wooden house in lieu of blessed coin

The halo crown I wore was just a blistering thorny chain.

Resentment filled my bleeding heart, violence from my loins.


I chased her out, she was not welcome to this empty shell

No place for mortal humans, I could not let her see

The lies, the sand, the faux control. I must control!

Pull out the whips! Chase out the fools! Make her flee!


The dream abruptly ended, the nightmare came to end

There was no angel-self or mortal, kind, dear friend.

It was only in my mind, the heaven that I had;

Utopia was in my mind, sub-conscious till the bend.


For heaven is the place you live in peace and quiet

But it's also full of enemies and strife and betrayal

I cannot choose for you the land you call your own

But claim what's yours and don't look back

To Sodom.


Be not among the enemy of love and pure regard

But find your tribe in battle with love and charge

To kill not human enemies with sharpened blade

But cast down the principalities of abusers large.


Demand the innocent be freed from chains of petty hate

Against themselves.


An architect of heaven is well within our reach,

The preacher of reality is not a petty lord,

But generations each contain a choice within their soul

To bow, to live, to just get by with empty fjord.


While fountains spring up in the East, refreshed

For thirsty souls to drink, beyond the wall of bones

Oasis in the oil soaked hills of thorny hell we live

The promised land is just in reach of kingly thrones.


My mortal soulmate, love divine is lost in desert tents

Among the camels, far from toiling slaves combined

A kindly, gentle curious soul with brave heart and gaze

And heaven was real.


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