Gifts for Henry

 a children's story by Joshua Brown

A little boy stood in line, he was going to see a movie! He couldn't wait to sit in those big comfy chairs. What an exciting day it would be, boy was he happy to be there. The smell of popcorn filled the air, but he only had five dollars. He couldn't buy any popcorn because he didn't have enough money!

Henry was also standing in line. He was excited to watch a movie too. He saw the little boy in front of him, tightly clutching the five dollar bill, ready to pay for his ticket to the next showing.

"Hello there, young man, I see you've got some money, are you going to watch a movie today?"

"Oh yes sir" the boy replied "I'm so excited to see this movie!"

"Say, have you got enough money for some popcorn?" Henry inquired.

"Sir, the popcorn smells sooo good!" the young boy was too shy to admit that he didn't have enough money for the delicious smelling snacks advertised on the walls.

"Say, I'll tell you what, I happen to have an extra two dollars here, I suppose we can both buy a popcorn."

Henry payed for the popcorn and they went their separate ways.

But that little boy never forgot the kindness that Henry had showed.

Many years later, Henry was at a game center with his children playing a rousing game of table tennis, or as some call it "ping pong." He was having such a good time playing that he nearly forgot what time it was.

"Children, we are going to be late for the movie!" They hurriedly gathered their possessions and headed for the movie theatre.

When they arrived, the movie had sold too many tickets and they could not get in. They turned to leave and a young man in a suit approached Henry.

"Sir, do you remember me?" the young man asked Henry.

"Sorry young man, I'm afraid I don't" Henry replied.

"You see, when I was only seven years old you paid for my popcorn. And for the last twenty years I've devoted myself to buying this movie theatre so I can give little boys and girls free popcorn that can't pay for it themselves."

"I see that you've missed the movie this evening. I will open one of our spare showing rooms and you may watch the movie with your children for free. And you may have as much popcorn as you like."

Henry knelt to the ground in awe of emotions that overcame him.

"No, do not thank me," the young man insisted, lifting Henry to his feet. "Let us both continue to give to those in need, especially the hungry children."

"Yes, let's!" Henry replied.

Henry's children stood wide-eyed in surprise at everything that had happened so far.

As if on cue, a little girl walking by asked her mother if she could have a peanut snack.

"No dear, we haven't the money to pay for extra snacks tonight"

At once, Henry, his children and the young movie theatre owner shouted together,

"Yes we do!!!"

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