Fuchsia Utopia


photo from Pexels by artist Ivan Samkov

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a poem by Joshua Brown

Clear! Shouts to the three man

Hearts beating into the building

Clear! Shouts to the twelve men

Hearts beating so fucking thrilling

I looked down the hall and went

Heart beating to the bleeding eye

I looked down the hall and sent

A bullet through that man's thigh

Clear! To the beat of the drumming

A march to the interior, a force

Clear! Broken men at last gunning

Into someone's home and worse

I dreamed of a peaceful utopia

A kingdom of heaven on earth

I woke to a cold sweat in fuchsia

A pink nightmare of my worth

Clear! it was to me their sentence

Decision made by women gaudy

Clear! Their justice punitive hence

My wilderness calls sinners body

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Thanks so much for reading my poetry! "Fuchsia Utopia" was written in Denver, Colorado on December 4, 2022 while I was on my way to attend the services at Messiah Baptist Church. Read my last poem "Criticize Power" which is about the relationship between Jesus and David. It's a beautiful articulation of the differences between love and acquiescence. 

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