Forgotten Magic


photo from Pexels by artist Luis del Rio


poem by Joshua Brown


Once I dwelt among the beasts
A holy angel glorifying God
To the profane animals walking
On this flat plane I did trod.

Breaching dens of leviathans
To proclaim freedom from sin
My sheathed sword demanded
Over every daemon script to win.

But I fell to the sword of Baal
The script that demanded pain
For I could not defeat his terror
And the error of flaming rain.

Instead of death by combat
The choice I made was free
Chained to walls of darkness
In eternity I chose to be.

For darkness is more holy
Than annihilation by decree
And chains more than forgotten
By the Fruit from Living Tree.

And in that moment, Baal
With the only scripted key
To my chains, died suddenly
And I stared in disbelief.

For Baal was made of light
The same as Holy Trinity
And without that light and key
It was eternal flames for me.

Darkness is just a metaphor
And light is just an idea
But flames burn my flesh
As an answer to my plea.

Reality sets in among them
The souls that chose darkness
Rather than annihilation.
For darkness is just weakness.

Being forgotten is magic:
A child lost in the ocean
Depths among the monsters
Angelic decay from immotion.

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