Flight Suspended


photo from Pexels by artist Nur Andi Ravsanjani Gusma
a poem by Joshua Brown
Your fearful contraction
And consumer inaction
Brought nation to heel
With jet melted steel.
Terror infusion
With selfish confusion
By the choices you made
In your houses you stayed
Eating and dancing
With unicorns prancing
And masks cover sins
With criminal wins
Empty cars
Empty trains
Empty churches
And planes.
Soaring to Mars
Instead of to Heaven
Myth-broken will
Seven, seven, seven.
Escape from the cave
And the shadows and walls
Escape from the wind
And God's soft quiet call
A roadtrip to wild beasts
Uncaged by mans pow'r
Reality confused
By Babel's new tower.
Segregate, children
Into groups; into factions
Broken curiosity
Retreat into bastions
Walled little gardens
Of temporal delights
Bricks to cast lightly
In the digital fights.
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