Female Empathetic Male

 a poem by Joshua Brown

I hate women.


To see a woman in despair who failed to give me life.

Instead an empty shell of culture full of pain and strife.

Racist empaths everywhere who try to take me down.

Suffrage gave us grueling work in jobs that make us clowns.


A human female sees the world and watches it unfold

The pow'r we give to her corrupts in countless ways untold.

She does not have to choose this path but tempting as it is,

The wand of ice, the lure of coin, then all to her from his.


I see a mighty fortress, brought down from epic heights

A wild true masc'line build it was that won dramatic fights

The femme may take it to the stars but oh! at what a cost?

To vote for those who make us feel our culture is not lost.


There is no more the 50s with their propaganda fair

The dragon made of TV has fled the film script lair.

Brave we must demand of us the will to choose a side

Not of right or wrong or sus but protecting those who lied?


A woman has a verit choice to live or die a queen

They always have and always will with consequence yet seen

Keep howling at the moon outside to chase always the men

Who seek to kill the lies inside your soul you chose oe'r them.


The rapist and the horny choose to lay in sim'lar bed

You chose to lie to child of the sex you had with Fred

Now she is just a victim of the choice you clearly made.

Demons you invited in and with whom you have played.


You did not think that history would wander to today

And start rummaging in boxes of your sexual male prey

You built a world of antimale while acting as a slut

But whiting coffin full of corpse does not the story cut.


You made it to the top of evolutionary pride

By knifing child brought to life by pregnancy who cried

Each night for just his daddy who you kept from knowing him

Pastor, priest and social worker call that mortal sin.


A little kindly girl, a child, with a pure and noble soul

Sits at feet of 'bominations learning from these ghouls

The likes of whom who would be stoned for justice in Iran

With widened eyes she looks and sees what she can do to man.


Oh child of mine! Oh child of mine! so innocent and pure

Temptation to the ring of power for which there is no cure

Avert your eyes and seek refuge from demons and their hate

Look back to light in caves egress and scramble from your fate.


A lonely soul lives in the cage of pow'r and mighty rules

But living there is just for knaves and visiting for fools.

I beg of you to leave the nest laid in a trap for you

So cozy, warm and 'viting with a class-up family too.


I cannot save you from the very choices that I've made

But committed I will be to offer hands along the way

And not get swept into the hate of other braver souls

The women who built culture and oft paid their sinful tolls.


For sin is not the end of us nor will evil fill our days

From cave emerge and live your life in golden sunlight rays

Choose to love the boys and girls who exemplify estate

Before the poem ends or just before it is too late.




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