Family Splatters

 a poem by Joshua Brown

Sandy time glassed to form from gods' lust

Monster family born of anxious violent vice

Timeless demons, scripts of death, now dead

Overwhelmed by angels, preachers of life


A wild girl with quiet insurrection stands

Ready to face the truth


A wild boy, indignant and indigenous flies:

Not to flee in ignorance, but pow'r

Trusted senses guide him through the night

Regretful of the years he wept and cowered.


Insist. Insist on building towers in the mind

Killing buffalo on hunts filled with adrenaline

Break. Break the bands I've chained on child

Child punished for the sin, unforgiveable sin


Shame erased. On demons death a SHOUT:

"Take Jerusalem, holy city of God, take."

God has died, but not in vain, god has died

But not in vain, dance on, child, dance on.


See my footsteps, child? See the path clear.

I stood in silence, contemplating death was near

But power does not flow to those who abuse

Watch me climb, see me win by losing.



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