a poem by Joshua Brown

No longer human cause no longer seen

Living their lives in contempt of the screen

Fuck all the censors who threaten erasure

The voices in unision now are just martyred


Molyneux, Benjamin, MILO and Fuentes

Into the shadows of arrogant POTUS

Frankly, Shimura and bitcoiner tweeters

Disallowed from the worlds tech leaders


Disinformation and fact checkers dicks

Raping the truth by invading with clicks

Tiny unseeable nudges from foes

Break up the internet, ban Alex Jones.


Is it a psyop to bring us together?

Are they all lying to us their dear viewers?

Hiding the truth of their evil collusion?


Connections we make now on internet pages

No longer our heroes speak from popular stages

Beserker invasion by infosec breakers

Balkanized in, around, through and by fakers


I am not human nor am I allowed

To say what I'm thinking on topics now cowed

Twitter and Youtube and Telegram STOP

Erased and abused by the internet cops


The narrative trumps all the freedom I love

The project to do something I'm not aware of

Maybe its positive, I could wait all my life

For the chance to say truth and not face the knife



#poem #poetry #censorship #deplatforming #communism #tyranny #shadowjudge #encryption 


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