Cheating in Candyland


photo from Pexels by artist Tatiana Syrikova

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an original poem by Joshua Brown

Of course I saw this punishment

A reprieve from the abandonment

Of father, unaware, that pranced 

Into some goldilock land of wife

Hurt I was but valorously played

The game they laid before me well

Wiley I did craft the draw deck

Against the unconscious players

Intention against drunkenness

No spirits or ganja but pure evil

A rottenness tempted by entropy

To consume their intentionality

Choice they made to silence us

From honest introspective will

But evade we did the lieutenants

And their war game plans laid

Escape quick to human desires

An image of God, a divine instinct

To live, provide, love and THINK

Against the demonic propagandists

Am I here or am I there? Stupid.

Distractions everywhere to dilute

The consequence to them them

The veil of dark excuse torn by Child

Could I spill this blood unwarranted

Or was there an existential reasoning

That exceeds my temporary dwell here

And extends to future genealogies?

Pray not for me to the gods of men

But to the one true God of Freedom

An extender of provision to those 

Who respect, not demons of dominoes,

But observations of love and freedom.

Choices made by others well

Effect me and my choices now

To act or not act or continue

And, can you hear these men scuffling?

An argument here, distractions meet

By the choice to be here in their city

By the choice to be here on their train

Violent men seeking out some scrap

That they earned not, ere attention

Or ticket, or emotional relief altogether

By us the passengers here around

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Thanks for reading "Cheating in Candyland" which was written on April 20, 2023 in Colorado, United States, North America. My last poem is titled "A Beginner's Guide to Flying" which is a celebration of my victory over abusers and an ode to the beautiful women before and after me who preserve the virtues and values that I and many others love.


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