a poem by Joshua Brown

Built for commerce

Shift in reverse

Broke the humanity

Flowered insanity


Wheels of rubber

Billow black cancer

Rules of pavement

Homeless in tents


Creature of habit

Years of slabs writ

No more children

Dog shit pending


Sweet red antifreeze

To rapist we bend knee

Swallow oily piss

Wombed and kissed


Third layer propaganda

No feet to stand on

Lies of past violence

Naked incompetence


Be silent and whisper

Cant hear with the roar

Dead dinosaurs crushing

Resurrection crashing


See in the future

Elegant but putrid

Eating cannibal children

Of abortorted snake den





More like





But no tombs

Only fire

Dead parents

Smoke to the gods


Commerce and Rent


Virtualized Machine

Land. Dollars. Kings.



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