The Restraining

 a poem by Joshua Brown


Don’t look.

The clouds are dark
But not outside.
The temper’ture
Chilled and thrilling

The walls are far
And speak the truth
The lonely chair
Hugs unfulfilling

No love embrace
No curious will
The court demands
From outside calls

Let all arise
The tussled hair
From behind glass
Queen behind walls

Power listens
But doesn’t feel
A stateless shroud
Who runs the state

I cannot win
I scream so quiet
A whisper in wind
It’s now too late

My power gone
I flail in fear
Of desperation
And sheer regret

Hear hear verdict
The gavel falls
Another day drowns
The traps is set

Survive I will
I will not break
But yet cannot
See the clouds lift

The walls close in
But my feet weld
To the ground fast
Avoid the rift

Don’t look.