A Child is Not Innocent

 A Child Is Not Innocent

a poem by Joshua Coffman

A child is a human, complete and fully formed
But not innocent.

His map is being written, the day he is conceived.
The thoughts he has,
The moves he makes,
Are his.

But crafty he must be and strange as it may seem,
Survival is his only wish
And you,
Are you?

To kill a child
Is but to kill a man
The child he wills to live.

Cope, fight, adapt, give in.
What e'er it takes
Is but the life he has to give.

Teach him then to protect you,
He will.
And despise his own breath.

A child is not innocent
For he vanquishes the weak.
Even if it's his own soul
Demanded at the
Blood stained
Tear wet
Altar of parental death.

Beware of this
The cursed script of the
Genesis Breed Command
To evolve, adapt and overcome
That God gave thus to man.