Be That Child

This poem is a happy celebration of peaceful parenting and pro-natal culture.

photo from Pexels by artist Снежана

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Joshua Brown

Be gentle to that child

But gentle not protect

Be kind to that child

Strong to interject 

Be curious of that child

But tell him of yourself

Be present with that child

Mind and body, health

Be brave for that child

But live to tell your tale

Be warm to that child

And dare to never fail

Be humble for that child

Will judge one day of you

Smile with that child

And build a family too.

Be that child for that child

That empathetic care

Give life to that child

That they too breathe fresh air.

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📅 Written September 8, 2023

📍 Written in Aurora, Colorado near the West Toll Gate Creek


Thanks for reading. I wrote this poem in honor, not of the joy I've brought to this world, but in hope of the joy I may bring. In my youth my choice to be violent ruined many of my relationships. Maybe someday by choice it will be that a family will be part of my life, but for now I wish to give credence and words of encouragement to the brave families and parents around me. 

This poem is also a testament to the bravery and forward-thinking of Stefan Molyneux who taught me to be curious, both about the world and more importantly, myself.

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