After My Decease

photo from Pexels by artist Ksenia Chernaya

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After My Decease

an original poem by Joshua Coffman

When I have said my last good-byes,

And close my eyes in death:

Yet one more chance have I to sing

A song, without my breath.


The words will ring with message loud,

To silence them I can’t

Behind the veil of death I’ll hear

My one last final rant.


What will I say? What will I sing?

A song of glorious mirth?

Or that of gloom? A song of shame?

Or gladdness of rebirth?

Will others mourn because I failed,

To think of them in life?

Will they rejoice because I’m dead,

No longer bringing strife?


What will they hear from me, the dead,

After my decease?

The truth be told, they’ll not hear much

They might not even weep.


My lines I’ll write, within this book

Of mortal life, so frail;

To those who live on after I

Have one last time set sail.

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Thanks for reading "After My Decease" which I wrote sometime during my late teenage or early adult years. If you want to read my first ever poem it is entitled "Mushrooms."


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