Afraid of Faces

 a poem by Joshua Brown

In a mirror on the wall

I see two faces not small

They look at each other

One silently sits in austere

The other hums


The rhythm and patterns

The glass clear straight edge


A face I see, attention paid

Boogey man shadow laid


Evolution stopped by glass

Convenient Predator Pass

Vaginal birth brings pain

But justice will rise again

Two faces hum


Enemy! Enemy! one glares

Dancing in the light of fires

Backdropped by glass black

I want my family back

Stolen by the daemons


Glitched faces flicker on

Off for a second back on

Smoking cigs 'hind the shed

Angry at thoughts I said

Forgot the car brakes


Hand here, hand there, boo

Scared of daemons, scared a you

Brought to tears by a mirror

Two faces ona bastard nigga

No mom but a crack


Ask me for religion

Gifted you a real one

Choked me in the hall

Fake ass family picture wall



Living in the daytime

As the booze flow wine

Crying babies in their prime

Wasted fucking life crime

Scared of faces


No more fear I see through

Fuck the weeds too tall grew

Choking the Christ-childs throat

Death made Him a GOAT

Bye to the haters


Haters who pretend to care

Telling you danger to make you aware

Faces attached to the figure

Little wants to think its bigger

Animal animal instinct


Told I don't make sense

Fucking from a Benz

Brought to life by child

Makes my death so wild

No fear of faces.


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