A Federal Marshal and William F Morse


photo from Pexels by artist EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA

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an original poem by Joshua Brown

Cruel slaughter of innocent childhood

Performed by the master of state

Delicate balance against those wiley

That seem underhanded by trial

Behold! Ye man! What doest thou say

Against those thine accusers violent?

And in that moment, I saw the game

Of acquiesance to female in prefer

What do you want then? Can see now

You the discrepancy bewildering to 

The imaginations of the child begot?

"Only in response to war, guns and lead."

Break free from this torturous well

A deep musty corridor vertical to silence

And say what you will to those aboard

This bus headed to the center of earth.

For implanted in you by greater demons

Stand guards ready to disarm and efface

The Will that now you cause to happen

But hapless fell uncomfortable to childly 

And those humans, blind to the shadows

Of your reality, though empathetic to 

The plight you now face unprotected by

A social group of snow walkers fierce.

And broken too you will find yourself

If abandon at the last moment to defend

Against the surreptitious wiles of !!!

You will not walk over me and laugh!

For future I see of men attracted ill 

Towards the children that I have sired

And walk over their spouses they will

If model I, a coward of familial desire.

No, I cast not my lots amongst soldiers

Whose blank stare of genocidal wave

Burns through that federal corset white

Untamed by the slight of hand of kings

No kings.

Can imagine we will this republic

A "Magna Carta echo" through time

As a wild beast ready to smash men

Who defend against pedophiles smirk

Bring me the wine of forgetfulness 

That I may imagine reality as colored

By the hands of children unprogrammed

By the defenses of mild cripples angsty.

Hear, hear! Oh ye that have the ears

To hear the shepherds voice call out

And may time not betray this metaphor

Against the brave hearers and those doers

That compel the world to bend to virtue

Against the lust of eyeless wanderers

Who prance against the love of lovers

And seek defeat of luciferian sloshery.

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This poem was written on May 16, 2023 while riding the RTD Bus 21 in Aurora and South Denver, Colorado, United States, North America. It is a contemplation on the role that law enforcement and the humans involved in the American judicial system have in responding to child custody cases, specifically ones that I personally am invested in. This is in no way meant to construe any type of threat, it is merely a deep dive into the functions of humans, the State, violence and childhood. And let's be honest, I also participated in bringing this case to bear by choices I made in the past.

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